TPE, RAC, UPIC Audit Response Services

Achieve Success Utilizing Boost's Proven Audit Response Services: 

  • Clinical Experts Handle All Audit Response Services 

  • 92% Audit Response Win Rate

  • DME, Home Health, Physician, Long Term Care Facilities

  • Comprehensive Clinical Review to Ensure Medicare LCD Compliance with Medical Documentation Requirements 

  • Medicare Audit Response Experts; No Need For Attorneys & Expensive Fees

Medical Documentation Outreach Services

Improve Documentation Compliance with Boost's Medical Records Outreach:

  • Our Team of Medicare Documentation Experts, Product Experts, & Clinical Experts Will Review all Documentation & Identify Missing Required Elements 

  • Our Documentation Experts Will Conduct Outreach Campaigns to Acquire the Missing Documents 

  • Our Clinicians Will Review to Ensure Accuracy & Compliance

Audit Proof Your Business: Monthly Compliance Reviews

Optimize Your Audit Win Rate Through Our Monthly Compliance Plan:

  • Proactive Compliance Reviews That Audit Proof Your Medicare Medical Records (Pre-Ship/ Pre-Bill)

  • Technical Review & Corrections to Ensure Proper Billing Codes, Modifiers, ICD-10's, Medicare Refill Notes, POD's

  • Product Review to Avoid Non-Covered Items, Over Utilization, HCPCS/CPT Codes to Ensure Compliance, ABN Utilization 

  • Improved Compliance, Bill Rates, Collection Rates, Audit Win Rates

LCD, PIM, & Medical Documentation Training


Improve Your Knowledge and Results with Our Clinical Training Programs:

  • Billing Training: Utilization, Non-Covered Items, Modifiers, ICD-10 Requirements, Bundled Codes 

  • Medical Necessity Training: SWO, Medical Records, Labs, etc

  • Continued Use Training: SWO, Medical Records, & Refill Note Best Practices

  • QC Process Best Practices

  • Improved Knowledge, Compliance, Quality, & Cashflow





Achieving Optimized Results

Founded with the vision to provide expert, yet affordable solutions, to DME companies, home health agencies, long term care facilities, case managers, nurses, physicians, insurance companies, and private equity companies, our Medicare Audit Response Experts have the unique balance of extensive clinical experience and DME executive leadership experience to achieve our vision.


Our TPE, RAC, and UPIC Audit Response Experts apply our deep DME and Clinical industry knowledge and expertise to assist our clients to navigate through these turbulent waters to achieve operational and financial excellence while improving quality, compliance, performance, profitability, and knowledge.

Take your medicare compliance one step further and allow Boost to Audit Proof your business with our monthly compliance program.

Whether you are facing a TPE Audit, RAC Audit, or UPIC Audit, Boost team has the experience, expertise, and proven track record to help you successfully resolve your Medicare Audits.  Call us today at 888-304-2480 for a FREE Consultation.

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“Boost Advisory Group has exactly the kind of expertise we needed to take our business to the next level.  What company can’t benefit from process improvement, best practices, greater efficiency, and how to improve on already high service levels to  patients?   Their industry experience was exactly what the doctor ordered.”

Jim Guffin, Americath, President

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Boost Advisory Group are experts in DME consulting, DME revenue optimization, Brightree consulting and optimization, DME business process outsourcing, Medicare TPE, RAC, and UPIC audit response services, executive coaching, operational development, and Analytics and reporting optimization to improve topline and bottom line. We are experts in helping our clients grow their business by reaching operational and financial excellence.

Boost Advisory Group is an independent company that is not associated, or affiliated, with Brightree ® or any software provider and therefore our clients can leverage our deep industry knowledge without bias, so they can receive a fair and objective advantage.

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